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Our Maître Chocolatiers come straight from Italy and bring to New York over 13 years of expertise and unique creativity. 

Cristiano Spinoni and Baptiste Roudel combine their experiences in the world of fashion and design with the common passion for the finest handmade chocolate.






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With a background as make-up artist & hair-stylist, Cristiano Spinoni felt in love with the sweetworld of chocolate and began his chocolatier career in 2002. He opened his own boutique and factory "Cacao-lab Milano" in 2006 in Milan Italy.


With a background as product designer and interior designer, Baptiste Roudel together with Cristiano Spinoni gave birth in 2006 to the brand "Cacao-lab Milano". 

Cacao-lab Milano was born in 2006 when Cristiano Spinoni, make-up artist and hair-stylist, and the interior designer Baptiste Roudel united their different interests with the common passion for chocolate. Their products, made with top quality raw materials, consist not only in the classic chocolates, created with a great attention to the detail, but range up to chocolate shapes and decorative objects, exclusive and inimitable.

One of the strong points of their work is the care they put in every detail, from the models to the molds to the production, rigorously hand-made with constant dedication. 

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